Friday, October 8, 2010

Get Inspired to Travel by Ellen Barone Mentions Linda Ballou and Her Experiences with Whitewater Adventure

The Canadian Mountain Holidays website in their Power of Adventure section has posted an article by Ellen Barone, titled, “How Travel Adventure Changed My Life” and in this article she talks about me, Linda Ballou as one of four travelers that are living proof of the power of adventure.

Get Inspired to Travel by Ellen Barone

We know that adventure travel is great fun, but it can also act as a catalyst for live-changing decisions, new relationships or transformational experiences that open heart, soul and mind. From facing a fear of drowning and a perfectly timed random encounter to following love across Africa and learning to love solo travel, these four travelers are living proof of the power of adventure. Read on for serious inspiration.

"A whitewater adventure gave me the strength to face my fear of drowning."

Having nearly drowned in the Pacific Ocean twice, Linda Ballou had a nagging fear of oceans and rivers. "I envied those who surf the blue face of foaming waves or whitewater rafters who fight their way through the fury of a wild river," says Linda.

Mired in the traffic and chaos of her Los Angeles life and craving an opportunity to regain control of her life, she signed on for a guided rafting adventure on the Salmon River. "I fell in love with the idea of taking an uninterrupted journey through rugged, isolated country where I might enjoy solitude," Linda recalls. "And a rafting vacation gave me the chance to face my fears head on."

Easing into the 86-mile float, Linda gained confidence in stages, graduating over the week from the group raft to a guided two-man kayak to solo status on the final day of the trip.
"It took all my strength to navigate the waves," says Linda. "But I felt empowered, brave and heady with triumph. Confronting, not hiding from, my fears allowed me to break down the barriers to forward movement in my life. It was a tremendous experience and a real breakthrough."


I walk in beauty on the good red road

Linda Ballou

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