Thursday, December 27, 2012

Solutions for Serious Sun Lovers

Sun Lover's Paradise

“If you insist on being outdoors, you will have to take special precautions,” my dermatologist warned. When the sun comes out so do I. I simply can’t bear to be indoors when the birds start singing. I head out to hike along a sparkling creek shaded by stately sycamores, or to stroll the sands of Malibu. So, what is the solution?

First I put Face Cotz, a water resistant cream that contains Titanium and Zinc, on underneath my skin-toned makeup. This way I am certain to have some protection even if I’m just on a casual walk in the neighborhood.  This allows me to carry on daily affairs without anyone noticing that I am wearing protection.

Sun Salutation
If I am going on a real hike where I will be outdoors for extended period of time, I put the more intense SPF 58 Cotz Plus on under my makeup which is 100% free of chemical sun screens and oils with a hint of skin tone in it that blends translucent into my skin. I carry Total Block with UVA/UVB in my fanny pack that comes in a handy travel 2.oz size. I use this rich cream for emergency re-applications when on a walk with no shade, or at the beach. It dries clear is not sticky and is hardly noticeable on my skin.

Living in sunny southern California means I can be outdoors all year long. It also means the sun is aging my skin pre-maturely and I need to be more careful.  Soon, I will embark on an “Un-Cruise” throughout the Hawaiian Islands aboard the Safari Explorer. While this promises to be a trip of a life-time with kayaks, snorkels, paddle boards and skiffing included, it will also be the ultimate test for my skin care products.  Highly water-resistant Aqua Sport that retains its SPF qualities after 80 minutes of activity in the water will definitely be aboard the yacht with me.
Fun to Come
All of the Cotz products mentioned contain zinc, but they don’t put a sticky white film on my skin like other products I have used that contain zinc. My dermatologist stressed that zinc is a critical component in serious protection against the sun’s harmful rays.  Hopefully, the precautions I am taking along with a big brimmed hat and UVA/UVB sun protection clothing will allow me to enjoy the warming and rejuvenating aspects of the source that gives life to us all for many years to come.

For babies delicate skin try Badger which contains only natural ingredients, including Chamomile and Calendula. All of the Cotz sun protection products are available at