Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Call of the Wilds in British Columbia

Linda on Apache at top of the world ride in the Chilcotin Wilderness 

In July I answered the Call of the Wild by taking a horse pack trip hosted by the McLean family at their Tyslos Park Lodge in supernatural British Columbia. A heart-thumping flight from Vancouver over the vast snow-packed expanses of the Coast Mountain Range delivered me to their door.
Pink Creek at Goat Camp

 This region is a cross between arid Colorado and the soggy, temperate rain forests of coastal British Columbia. Lying in the shadow of the Coast Range, it receives less rain than the coast and experiences severe winter temps as low as 55 below. The result is snow-capped granite spires gouged by glaciers and streaked with rivulets and slopes of loose scree that only mountain goats can call home.

This is one of the last great rides in North America. This truly is a pristine, roadless wilderness. Unplug here and let the busy world go by. 

My article Riding in the Wilds of B.C. will appear in the September issue of the California Riding Magazine. Stay tuned for details of this grand adventure.

Meanwhile, it is not too late to sign up at Their season runs May through October. In the fall grizzlies come here to gorge themselves on sockeye salmon on their annual spawning run up Chilko Rover.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Ride of a life time!

Just in from the heart of British Columbia back country.  A roadless wilderness best seen on the back of a good horse. So much more to come Working on articles and will have much more to come. But, if you can't wait go to Tyslos Lodge (pronounced Sigh-los) for a sneak peek of this adventure.