Friday, October 22, 2010

Real Travel Adventures Reviews Lost Angel Walkabout

Real Travel Adventures, is the longest running e-zine on the net, that has spotlighted my work over the years. I want to recommend this fine magazine that gives first hand honest accounts from travelers without an agenda other than the desire to share. Editor, Bonnie Neely gave my book Lost Angel Walkabout a glowing review that makes me feel my desire to share essays of my most memorable adventure travels over the last decade was a worthwhile endeavor! Her review is below;

A Review of Lost Angel Walkabout by Bonnie Neely, Editor of Real Travel Adventures Magazine

Lost Angel Walkabout
by Linda Ballou is one of the most beautifully written travel books I have ever read. Linda tells her personal experiences of her many travels in different continents and environs. She is well-known as a top adventure travel writer, and her tales of her intrepid soul's search for beauty in the wilds and her ability to rouse physically to any demands of the setting will thrill the reader. She increased my desire to become more physically fit so that I could do some of the things she is daring and fit enough to do. She grew up in Alaska and has always loved horses. Her travel tales about returning to that wonderful environ and her experiences in many different places which involved riding horses are so beautifully inspiring. Linda also leads walkabouts in Los Angeles. I highly recommend her book as a treasure you will want to read, and then to re-read aloud to anyone who might want to listen. Her use of words is very commanding and her descriptions so vivid you will feel you have traveled alongside her and seen all the beauty of the surroundings which she so deeply appreciates. This is a MUST READ!

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