Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I went to the mountains to lose my mind....

I went to the mountains to lose my mind....

 and find my soul. John Muir

Off to explore The Range of Light that John Muir loved so well.  Staying at the Tenaya Lodge just two miles from the southern entrance of Yosemite National Park. It has been a long time coming. I tried once before to go through the front door and was put off by the mobs.  I am going in September in hopes that the crowds will have thinned out.  I know the park is well-loved and  busy throughout the year.
I did a horsepack trip into the John Muir Wilderness on a trip that begins near Bishop years ago. This involved five days on horseback and popping my own tent.  I ended up being airlifted out with two fractured ribs, but that is another story that I tell in my book Lost Angel Walkabout.  It was no ones fault, just a mis-step that made my trip take a nasty turn. But, I never stopped loving the ethereal beauty of the high country in the Sierras.

I loved the mountains so much, I took my heroine in my novel The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon there. That is where she finds solace and sustenance and meets a solitary cowboy who helps her find her way.

Now, I look forward to having all the comforts including swimming pools, spas,hiking guides and easy access to the park. I'm excited to see the granite spires memorialized by Ansel Adams,  Albert Bierstadt and  Galen Rowell whose images capture the etherial beauty of the region. 

 I promise a full report when I return in mid-September 

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