Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Two Roads To Make Travel Writing Success

My other half says I lead a charmed life. I have to admit I am amazed at how great my life has become. I am hosted by wonderful people eager to share their brand of beauty with me. I only go where I want to go and take adventures that are exciting to me and then I write honestly about what I see and experience. I have a few favorite editors who love my work and make placement of my pieces easy. I’m happy to share my roadmap for this journey with you.

Blair Howard, a freelance journalist and photographer who has spent more than 30 years traveling the world. He is the authors of 34 books and more than 2500 magazine, newspaper and web articles. One of the differences between me and Blair Howard is that he has been making a living as a travel writer for over twenty years.

I, on the other hand, approached the field a decade ago with the idea that I wanted great trips that I could not have afforded on my own budget.

Mr. Howard capitalizes on his strong photographic skills and the text of his stories simply supplement his images. I have been a writer all my adult life in many different genres. I approach the task by journaling and look for the hook in my story while he is looking for the shot.

Mr. Howard and I both have tips to offer to you. I have a free download "How to Make Travel Writing Work for You."

You can read Mr. Howards tips below and sign up for his class for a fee if you like.


I walk in beauty on the good red road

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