Monday, November 4, 2013

A Journey through the Hawaiian Islands Without leaving Home

Hula Kumu, Mikalani Young’s creative performance “Journey
through the Islands” transports viewers through visual media, storytelling, music and dance. Guests will leave with more insight of each island that will make them want to go back to the islands and visit these places that aren't spoken about on a bus tours and adventure tours.  Many stories are passed on through oral history and music.  She hopes to bring you to the Islands right here in California and that you leave with a deeper love and understanding of Hawai'i and the Hawaiian people.

Wai-nani and I will be greeting guests at Mikalani’s Ho’ike . Like Wai-nani in her progress throughout ancient Hawai’i, Mikalani shares places that aren’t in the guidebooks imparting the legends behind them.  The result is a dynamic and captivating performance that lifts you out of your seat in California and takes you to the Islands. No security check needed. Just go to WWW.MIKILANISKANIKAPILA.COM   and grab a ticket.   

 Can’t make it?  Let Wai-nani take you to hauntingly beautiful Old Hawai’i. Available on Amazon and my site Linda Ballou If you purchase Wai-nani on my site you receive Wai-nani’s Wayfinder, a map of sacred sites on the Big Island, and I pay the freight anywhere in the U.S.