Friday, March 20, 2020

I love these Walking Guides

The best thing you can do for yourself now is Get Outdoors! Cicerone Press offers wonderful collection of walking guides for fantastic tracks around the globe.  I ordered Walking in The Cotswolds and in Walking in Cornwall in England as I hope one fine day to get back to the UK and take a much more up close and personal look. These books provide rich detail of the region, history, geology, and footpath difficulty. Informative, compact print with color images help the reader know what they are getting into.  Each of the books are written by locals with in depth knowledge of the nuances of the places they call home. They share specific instructions on how to get to the trailheads with detailed maps.  In addition, they give you information on the nearest transport, if it is wise to rent a car or to take public transport.  Suggestions for accommodations near the footpaths listed in the books are extremely helpful for the traveler.

With these pocket books that fit easily into my back pack, I feel confident to tackle hiking in the storybook footpaths of the Cotswolds, or the coastal cliff walks of Cornwall on my own. There is information about local guides if I arrive and feel uncertain. However, it looks like it will be a bit like following a buried treasure map with posted landmarks to my daily destination. It is recommended that you stay in a village close to many walking paths and explore a region in depth rather than rushing through all the walks  listed in the books trying to tick off as many as you can in a short time.
Go to the and select you next adventure. Planning your next trip can be as stimulating as the travel itself. If you live in one of the many countries listed in their catalogue you will learn new ways to get out and explore in your own back yard.

P.S. in the U.S. they cover The Grand Canyon, Pacific Crest Trail and the John Muir Trail 
For walks along the Coast of California check out my book Lost Angel in Paradise. 
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