Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Travel Tips for 2020

The ability to speed through immigration and customs after landing from an international flight without wasting time waiting in line is perhaps one of the greatest modern improvements to travel.” -- AFAR Magazine

Global Entry, long touted as the fastest way to skirt custom lines requires you to check in on a kiosk and charges an annual fee. The mobile passport app allows you to go directly to the exit door security officer, and it is free.  No more standing in a customs conga line for an hour after an exhausting flight. You should set up the app before leaving home to speed up the process when you re-enter the U.S. https://www.mobilepassport.us/ available on Google Play and in the Apple Store.

Jared Kamrowski, owner of www.Thriftytraveler.com, says that Google Flights is the best source for tracking down the cheapest airfares. Google is intent on making their app better than other third party sites like Expedia and Kayak.com. You enter your desired dates of travel and destination, and you will receive alerts as to the best fares for your itinerary. When you decide to purchase, the site will deliver you directly to the airline.  You should always make your flight reservations directly with the airline without third party commissions and the most complete inventory of flight offerings. Download the app for the airline you use so that you get up to date notifications about flight or gate changes. Sign up on his site for more $$ saving tips.

P.S. Southwest Airlines does not participate in Google Flights. Their fairs are always low and that don’t charge baggage fees.

Tips from travel gurus at the  Los Angeles Adventure travel Show. Happy Travels in 2020
Adventure Travel Writer Linda Ballou

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