Friday, February 25, 2011

What Dolphin Lovers are Saying About Wai-nani

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Wai-nani-High Chiefess of Hawaii-Her Epic Journey

Wai-nani was a joy to read! The action and sense of people and place builds with an authentic sense of ancient Hawaii. You have done an incredible amount of research! The interaction with the bottlenose dolphins is realistic for those of us who have developed an extraordinarily intimate relationship with them. I can certainly relate to feeling more freedom, embracement and joy in a water environment than a land based living!
With ALOHA, Roberta Goodman

Lush storytelling at it’s very best

What a compelling story. Wai-nani's journey through the portion of Hawaiian history is truly an 'epic' tale in every sense of the word. So descriptively rich and sensually involving were the author's words that I found myself proceeding slowly through the pages, so as to savor, and the better to put myself in the skin of Wai-nani and her gripping transformations. So much of the description of Wai-nani's emotional evolution rang true as the way a woman's heart feels and expresses.

Wai-nani's relationship with her dolphin friends was the cherry on the top for me in as much as dolphins are pretty much the center pole of my life. The author added fantastical elements to the human/dolphin relationships but, knowing dolphins as I have come to, what is portrayed in the story about the interactions hints at some very real possibilities as we go back and re-capture what cultures like old Hawaii still have to offer us.
Muriel Lindsay-Dolphin Chronicles-Tybee Island

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. The dolphin interaction scenes were delightful. You really made the historical time and place come alive with your vivid descriptions and good story-telling. You're an excellent writer and the book was a very fun read.
Charlene Brinke Stevens, Marine Biologist

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