Friday, March 4, 2011

Solstice Canyon - A Spring Bouquet

Solstice Canyon has several trails with varying degrees of difficulty that take the hiker to one of four year-round waterfalls in the Santa Monicas. Follow the path tracing Solstice Creek and take the track on the right side of the bridge to Sun Rising Trail. After a quarter-mile ascent, you see a bright pool of sunshine glowing on the shimmering blue ocean far below. After winter rains the canyon is bursting with blooms that include Indian paint brush, pink morning glory, blue diks, and purple evening night shade. New buds lift their faces to the warming sun eager to join the spring bouquet. The Chumash understood nature’s ways and set fire to the hills clearing the way for new life. The recent Malibu fire that destroyed mansions has a silver lining that can be witnessed here in the form of wildflowers

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