Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Valentine - The Healing Power of Dolphins

People who swim with dolphins often talk about the acceptance in the globelike eye of the Dolphin. They feel a sense of a non-judge mental intelligence, even unconditional love.

Great results from dolphin therapy with children who suffer from Down ’s syndrome, people with neurological disorders, autism, pain relief from spinal injuries, muscular paralysis and depression have been reported. Dolphin Therapy started in the early seventies. Dolphin therapy is not a cure, but it seems to help alleviate symptoms.

Children are asked to swim, touch, feed or pat the animals. It is a happy playful time that produces a change in hormones, endorphins and enzymes. Sonar pulses from the dolphins help bring both sides of the brain into sync creating a heightened awareness and increased learning ability.

Results noticed are:
Strong Emotional Change
Children calm down
Improved communication
Increased attention span
Increased confidence and self esteem
Improved gross motor skills
Better co-ordination
Better eye contact, smiling, laughing, touching
Better immune system

There are about a dozen dolphin therapy centers around the globe. Florida and Hawaii have the most but they are also located in England, New Zealand and Israel. They are not cheap about $2000 a week, and results are not guaranteed. Still it is an exciting alternative medical approach to serious problems.

This video shows how a young boy in Brazil received good results from being with a pink Amazon River Dolphin

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