Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Outdoor Day #12 - La Jolla Loop-Eye-popping Flower Forest

La Jolla canyon is blanketed with the shaggy trunks of the giant coreopsis bursting with bright yellow clumps of daisies from Feb-May. Most families with small children stop at the base of the waterfall about ¾ miles into the trail. The boulder-step hike beyond the fall winds up the narrow gorge overlooking the streambed with willows and black walnut alive with birdsong. Steep switchbacks take the hiker through the flower forest to a serene backcountry meadow. The trail levels off through a tree tunnel of lavender-blue California lilac and leads to a pond lined with pussy willows. Nestled among the spreading coastal oak near the pond are picnic tables that invite the hiker to take a rest and enjoy lunch alfresco. Nearby is an overnight campsite.

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