Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rafting in the Grandest Canyon of All

Last April, I crawled out onto Shoshone Point on the South Rim and stared into the Great Abyss. It was a bit windy that day so I held onto a boulder to keep from being blown into oblivion. As I watched the fast moving clouds cast shadows upon the striated walls of amber, purple and mauve, I yearned to know the pulsing heart of the grandest gorge of them all. The terra cotta river carving its path a mile below held mysteries for me that I had to know. In May, I will meet the challenge of rafting the tumultuous Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Mode of transport—a motorized launch that gets through hairy rapids and down the entire 227 mile run in only eight days. This trip is perfect for people with time constraints who want to experience the thrill of the canyon without straining a muscle or risking an unwanted dip in bone-chilling water. The pontoon-craft used by Grand Canyon Expeditions seats 14-people and carries supplies for the all-inclusive holiday. This is an incredible time to be on the river with temps around 80 degrees, fewer rafters than in the full tilt summer season and a dazzling desert wildflower show. Visit the Grand Canyon and all of its beauty at Grand Canyon Expeditions.


  1. Wonderful photos--have a great trip!

  2. Thanks. Your credits are impressive. I have a story in Lost Angel set on the Pacific Crest Trail in the John Muir Wilderness area..Do you have a web page or a blog link..when I clicked on your pix it took me to the back door