Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Praise for Lost Angel Walkabout from Across the Pond

I am Thrilled with this review from the Quirky Traveller, Zoe Dawes, who hosts travel writer and blogging workshops in England.

5.0 out of 5 stars Feisty tales from a brilliant storyteller, 2 May 2011

By Zoe Dawes "Quirky Traveller" (Cumbria)

This review is from: Lost Angel Walkabout (Paperback)

So enjoyed this book. Linda has a really engaging way of writing and manages to change the style and tone of her stories depending on the circumstances. I was fascinated to read of her adventures in Canada and America; Alaska, the Yukon, New Hampshire, Hawaii and many more; evocative places that she brings to life with humour and insight. New Zealand is more familiar to me and I share her love of Maori culture and the way New Zealanders look after their environment.

This book made me want to take up riding again and acknowledge that I don't want to go white water rafting, much as I enjoyed reading of her risky exploits! But what lingers longest is a sense of place, spirituality and inspiration - and genuine enjoyment sharing Linda's "... quest to see as many magnificent places on the big blue before they are gone ..."

**Even more pleased to know that Zoe plans to share Lost Angel with her students!

Zoë Dawes

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