Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just in from the Big Island

WAI-NANI-HIGH CHIEFESS OF HAWAII Receives warm Aloha from Islanders

I LOVE your book! I’m just amazed at how you so eloquently captured the culture. I’m finding very few errors, if any. I was expecting to not enjoy it…I read so many books about Hawaii that are horribly inaccurate, and inadvertently insulting to the culture, but I find myself longing for night so I can curl up and read.

Jessica Ferracane
President, Irondog Communications
Public Relations Specialist for the Big Island Visitors Bureau

Aloha, Linda,
I read over 100 pages at my first sitting and I'm thoroughly impressed. What a moving, colorful, rich in Hawaiian history and culture story! You are a true talent!
Reading Wai-nani was a captivating experience! You are truly a phenomenal writer. I felt a part of the land, the events and the people. You enabled a story of the past to touch my senses in the present.

Tiki DeGenaro
General Manager
Kalani Oceanside Retreat-The Big Island
Wai-nani was a joy to read! The action and sense of people and place builds with an authentic sense of ancient Hawaii. You have done an incredible amount of research! You have come across so much information about ancient cultures and implemented it into your storytelling very smoothly. The interaction with the bottlenose dolphins is realistic for those of us who have developed an extraordinarily intimate relationship with them. I can certainly relate to feeling more freedom, embracement and joy in a water environment than a land based living!

Roberta Goodman

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