Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 My travel memoir Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler's Tales receives glowing reviews from readers. In the year of the virus armchair travel is a fun way to get around the planet without any risk. Many of us are tired from reading so much online. So,I decided it was time to get my book into audio format. 

LeAnn Pashina did a sterling job narrating my stories. She keeps the energy level up without becoming shrill. I wanted to read the stories myself, but professional narration calls for a skill set I don't possess.

Here is what award winning travel writer James Dorsey had to say about Lost Angel Walkabout.

Lost Angel Walkabout by Linda Ballou takes the reader out of their armchair and into the vast world as few travel writers can. Her eye for detail combined with intimate knowledge of her surroundings sets Ms. Ballou heads above most of the travel writing pack. In this age when everyone with a back pack proclaims him or herself a travel writer it takes a book like this one to re-define the genre. The stories are personal and inviting, giving the reader not only a feeling of participation but leaving them with a memory of where they have just visited. This is just plain great travel writing.

Escape with me to Alaska, Costa Rica, Hawaii'i, New Zealand and parts of the Wild West. The audio book is available on Audible and Amazon

Adventure travel writer, Linda Ballou, has rafted, kayaked and horseback ridden through pristine wilderness areas around the globe. The most memorable of these journeys are chronicled in her book Lost AngelWalkabout.  In Lost Angel in Paradise she shares 32-of her favorite daytrips along the coast of California. In her latest effort Get Great Trips for Free she provides a roadmap for travel writing success.  Learn more about her travels at www.LostAngelAdventures.com


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