Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Deep Dive Down Under

Uluru_Kata Tjuta National Park

Just in from the Ultimate Australian Walkabout with OverseasAdventure Travel.  We explored from Melbourne to Sydney with Alice Springs, Uluru and the Daintree Forest in between. Not to mention a day snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef and a dazzling night at the foot of Uluru. With so many micro-climates it is hard to choose a time to year to take this sort of overview trip, but January is summer down under and your best chance of good weather in all of these locals.

I am happy to report that I did not experience any smoke on the journey even though the bush fires were still raging in New South Wales. Australia is as big as the United States in land mass.  Even though the fires were horrific they did not impact the entire country.
Walk beside the Yarra River - Milbourne
The brunt of the fires was felt about 500 miles outside of Sydney. Still, because the fires were the largest in recent memory and were unable to be contained, there was much talk of going back to the controlled burns practiced for thousands of years by aboriginal people. At this writing the region is being flooded by torrential rains that have put out most of the bush fires.
Opera House Sydney Harbor

What an exhilarating run with a free time to explore between discoveries and talks by local guides. I have so much to share that I will be doing it in several articles, as well as, a spot on Around the World TV
180 Million Year Old Daintree Forest

Please stay with me to learn  more about a diverse land of extremes with vibrant cities, the oldest rain forest on earth, the largest coral reef on the planet and  generous and extending people who are very proud of their country.

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