Thursday, February 14, 2019

Love for the Lost Angel from Globerovers Magazine

Lost Angel in Paradise: Outdoor Days from L.A. to the Lost Coast of California (Lost Angel Adventures)Lost Angel in Paradise: Outdoor Days from L.A. to the Lost Coast of California by Linda Ballou
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Linda Ballou’s travel writing has provided me with hours of captivated reading. I loved her book Lost Angel Walkaboutwhich I could not put down until I finished it. Now she blessed us with “Lost Angel in Paradise“ and her angelic stories about hiking along the sun-splashed Californian coast from Malibu to Mendocino. I have done some of these hikes many years ago and to now read her colourful interpretation of these hikes is pure bliss! She brings to life every aspect of the places she visited because she knows how to appreciate the small things most of us often overlook while hiking or enjoying a day on the beach.

“Lost Angel in Paradise” is the essential guide for hiking and cycling enthusiasts in the Malibu area with tons of practical tips and guidance to get the most out of your visit. However, even if there is no chance that you would find yourself exploring this area in-person, just sit back and let Linda’s writing take you there! She shares her experiences and knowledge of the area in such vivid writing that you don’t even have to go there yourself. A highly recommended read. I’m already looking forward to her next book! Peter Steyn-Editor of Globerovers Magazine

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