Monday, December 31, 2018

Be Free in Your Wildness

This year my writing brought me to the back country of  British Columbia-known at the Chilcotin Wilderness. The fact that the Tsylos Wilderness Lodge exists is testimony to the resilence and fortitude of the McLean family that have owned it for 61 years. This is a video of the top of the world ride a high point in my travel adventures.

 I needed to pull the plug on technology. To simple "be here now" for a while. To let my mind relax and my imagination to wander. Rocking along aboard my good buddy Apache for a week let me do exactly that. It was wonderful to tramp through untrameled wilderness with nary a sign of the human footprint.

 I decided to create a website spotlighting my travels and the books and travel articles. Please stop by There may be an adventure there that captures your fancy.

This is the Lost Angel reminding you to be Free in Your Wildness!

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