Friday, July 20, 2018

Going off the grid-Bye Bye Busy World

 I am answering the "Call of the Wild" by taking a horsepack trip in the back country of  British Columbia with Tyslos outfitters. I am looking forward to pulling the plug on technology and  getting a soul-cleansing experience. Eight days rocking along on horseback in gorgeous country is my RX for "urbanitis." Yes, there may be a few mosquitoes and Chilko Lake is where Grizzlies
congregate in the fall to gorge on Salmon runs. But, driving on the freeways in L.A. is probably more dangerous and nerve racking than  any of the dangers large or small on the journey.

The Chilcotin region is a vast roadless wilderness area with the 50-mile Chilko Lake as the centerpiece. Resting on the east side of the Coast Range it is dryer than the coastal regions of B.C. This means the  footing will be better for the horses and I hope the rain will be minimal.

So, goodbye busy world. I'm off duty until August 1. I'm sure you will manage without me.


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