Friday, June 1, 2018

Cowgirl Brings Collateral Goodness

My BFF Daphne- Don't know what happened to my arm

Publishing   The CowgirlJumped over the Moon has brought me many things I had not considered. .  It has re-connected me to the horse world I love in many different ways. Thanks to Alice Champlin, the editor of, I have a new best friend named Daphne.  She is a sweet mare who still has a spring in her step that makes her a perfect ride for me.
Alice and Hadley

Reviewing the books of other authors who love the horse world has broaden my appreciation for the animals that serve us in so many ways.  Horses have a healing power that transcends anything modern medicine can supply. It is a spiritual gift that so many have experienced, I believe it must be true. I know it was true for me that when I was recovering from an injury that grooming my mare took my mind off my pain. I could feel my molecules settling into place and the anxiety I was feeling slip away.

The Cowgirl story is one of self-discovery for my protagonist Gemcie, but her journey has also brought personal growth for me as well.  Writing it served as closure on so many emotional levels and allowed me to move forward in my own life. My story Irish Mist appears in the anthology Why We Ride. This collection of essays shares all the different ways we humans connect with a 1,000 pound animal that stays with us all our lives. I am so happy to be back in that world strolling along singing a song.

Nothing pleases adventure-travel writer, Linda Ballou, more than seeing gorgeous country from the back of a good horse.  Her articles have appeared in Equus, Horse Illustrated, California Riding Magazine and numerous travel publications.  Learn more about her novel The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon at

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