Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hot Tips from Travel Gurus at L.A. Travel Show

I had the pleasure of listening to Pauline Frommer and Peter Greenberg. Here are some of thier best tips.

Pauline Frommer at  has tons of good info including podcasts of recent Travel Show Talks.
Peter Greenberg of Travel Detective fame. PBS show with lots of nuts and bolts information that helps you “Get off the Brochure.”

Peter insists that you get good travel insurance before you go. is a good site to compare companies that offer travel insurance. He loves and buys an annual policy. I use Travel Guard. They are the only company I know of that will give you medical emergency travel insurance separate from a larger all-inclusive policy

He likes .Darksky weather app because it lets him know the weather conditions where he is going.  according to Pauline is a wonderful source for finding the right outfitter for the region you want to explore. Outfitters from around the globe are listed here. Just enter your destination and away you go. is another site that gives you a roundup of outfitters  is Pauline’s favorite source for lodging search. She says hostels are much nicer than they used to be and are cheaper than hotels. They give you best price on car rentals and apply any coupons that are applicable. What is more they will drop the price if it changes while you are waiting to begin your trip. Be sure and get their insurance if you are traveling in a foreign country.  Especially, if you are not used to driving on the “wrong side” of the road.   is a great site if you have a couple of days before connecting with a group, or are an independent traveler. Just contact them ahead of time and they will be happy to give a very personal tour of their region. Let them know what you are especially interested in and they will try to comply.

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