Monday, November 19, 2018

Sweetheart Deal for Hawai'i Lovers

                      Sweetheart Deal for Hawai'i Lovers

Gift of Wai-nani's Wayfinder with Purchase on my site

In need of a great  gift for your friends who love books and Hawaii? I love Linda Ballou's novel Wai-nani. A beautifully written story about a strong woman in ancient Hawaii who leaves her family to follow her heart. It's got everything: romance, action, adventure, Hawaiian history and culture. It really brings ancient Hawaii to life in a can't-put-down drama. 

Linda, it warms my heart that you have taken the time to learn so much about the Hawaiian history and culture I love. Thank you for transferring that knowledge into such a beautifully written novel. Jennifer Crites- Former Editor of Aloha Magazine and Long time resident of Honolulu

Wai-nani's Wayfinder is my gift to you with the purchase of Wai-nani:  A Voice from Old Hawai'i on my site Linda Ballou

Gift wrapped with free shipping if you  purchase on my site.


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