Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Romancing the Soul

                             How about spending some time romancing your soul

Humans do not “save beauty”; rather beauty saves us. Gretel Ehrlich

In this year of the virus it is more important than ever to feed your soul with positive energy.
The soul craves beauty. It wants to be in the world and to breathe in crisp air, to smell the sweet tang of orange blossoms and to know the happy faces of poppies in the spring.The sight of patches of yellow canyon daisies blanketing the meadows brighten the psyche, lifting the gauze of depression that can set in with too much of doing what must be done.

The soul is refreshed when the body is in motion with blood pumping to muscles awakened in a brisk walk.

 The soul wants to see, to feel, to absorb, to touch, and to be alive. The soul seeks balance and harmony. It wants equilibrium and finds it in nature, in art, and in music. To keep the rust off your soul and your spirits soaring, seek out beauty in each of your precious days.

That is is what my book Lost Angel in Paradise is all about! 
In it I share the beautiful days along the Califoria Coast that have helped me achieve balance and harmony in my life.
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