Monday, February 1, 2016

For Dolphins the Dance Is All There Is!

Dolphins blow air bubble rings and bounce then off their nose and swim through them Whales do a similar thing to form bubble nets they use to capture fish. But, dolphins do it just for fun. They also collect necklaces of seaweed they wear like jewelry exhibiting a sense of self- awareness and toss it
from one to another just to pass the time of day.
They have exuberance other sea creatures lack and literally jump for joy in twisting arcs. They splash backwards on their tails and seem to be enjoying them-selves tremendously. They swim five times faster than any Olympic champion and can jump two stories high into the air. Dolphins are the sexiest creatures on the planet with no pretense to monogamy. They have sex 365 days a year, often more than once, and with different partners. They do it just for fun. It is a brief belly to belly encounter, but both male and female dolphins seem to love doing it.

For Dolphins the Dance is all there is. A highly recommended state of being.Wai-nani who is a reflection of the passionate Chiefess Ka’ahumanu is a water baby. Like all Islanders she finds pleasure, sustenance, solace, wisdom and courage in the grand and vibrant sea. Wai-nani’s bond with Eku, a playful and communicative dolphin – propels her on a mythological journey couched in magical realism.

The video below captures the zest for life of the other intelligence!

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