Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Curious Minds Down Under Want to Know about Cowgirl Author

Christine Muenier, author of Horse Country, and the Equus Blog, wanted to know how my book The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon relates to Equine Education. It does in a roundabout way. For those who are unfamiliar with the nuances of the show jumping world and what goes into the training of top riders it is totally educational. Readers have told me that they had no idea how demanding the discipline is and that top riders are fine- tuned athletes.

What is your horse related career?

My first articles were published in Horse Illustrated and Equus Magazines. I was in my late 30’s when I was finally able to buy a horse and afford training. I was told that I would fall, but I was not told how to fall. I interviewed a vaulting champion, a gymnast, and an orthopedic surgeon to create a safe way to meet that eventual parting from the saddle. The result of this research is a piece titled “The Art of Falling.”  It has helped many a mature rider stay out of trouble. My interview of the legendary trainer Jimmy Williams appeared in Equus. He was the inspiration for the character Billy in my story. Presently, I am adventure travel writer with a penchant for horse treks. I educate others on where to go and what to expect when they get there.  

Where in the world can we find you?

I live in Topanga Canyon an artistic enclave in Los Angeles. The Cowgirl Jumped over the Moon opens in Hidden Valley home to celebrities and those who can afford the sport of kings.

Is your horse career able to be carried out in part online?

I share my articles about riding adventures I've taken on my website Linda Ballou Author. and in e-zines like Real Travel Adventures. My horse trek in Ecuador with Sally Vergette, owner of Ride Andes, fulfilled all my riding fantasies. 
Hacienda trek in the Andes of Ecuador

 I have enjoyed guest ranches in Colorado, Arizona, California, and Montana that I share them with readers in my articles.  
Spotted Horse Ranch in Wyoming

Do you need qualification to do your job?

Well, yes. You have to be a good writer and to love what you do

What is the best thing about your job?

It opens doors for me I never dreamed of like being the guest of Sharon North Pohl owner of for a week in St. Croix 
Linda and Sharon on Rainbow Beach
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  1. Nice interview. This is Sharon North Pohl from Zealous I m excited to have Linda experience our wellness week in St Croix.

  2. Made to St. Croix and had came home refreshed and ready for more adventures.