Thursday, February 2, 2012

Praise for Wai-nani from the Islands

Praise for Wai-nani from the Islands- Jo Ann Lordahal author of Princess Ruth-

Love and Tragedy in Hawai'i

Imagine yourself on a magical tropical isle in a far-away time when magic is real. You are young, beautiful, strong: a Hawaiian woman with a dolphin companion and a royal life that awaits you. Favorite wife of a king. Effective ruler after his death.

Linda Ballou takes us to the time of Kamehameha I (1800s) and the forcible gathering of islands into the Hawaiian state. She places us firmly in the heart/mind/body of Wai-nani the writer’s imagings of real-life chiefess Ka’ahumanu. Wai-nani (beautiful water) invites us to share her mythical story. Imagine: the world is young and green and once upon a time …

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