Friday, December 17, 2010

Heartfelt Review of Lost Angel Walkabout from Defending the Pen

It is a very nice holiday gift to think my work helped someone through a very rough patch. Yolanda from Defending the Pen has posted a very nice review of Lost Angel Walkabout. Here’s a snippet of it;

Recent poor health had me looking for an escape. When I picked up Linda Ballou’s book LOST ANGEL WALKABOUT, I found my salvation. Linda combines her most favorite things to create a book of adventures like nothing I have ever read. She blends her love of travel, and writing, and in several stories her love of horses, and with unsurpassed skill she takes the reader with her to places like Raven’s River, Alaska, to windswept Donegal Bay, Ireland, to Waipio Valley in Hawaii, and North Island, New Zealand to name just a few. Linda not only takes you on a journey to exciting places and distant lands she shares herself along the way. Her stories are personal, enlightening, and captivating. . .

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