Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Your Life is a Trip - Book Giveaway Nov 11 -21, 2010

We invite you to celebrate Your Life Is A Trip authors by helping us get the word out about our first FREE book giveaway. Post the contest on your facebook page, shout out on twitter, link, blink, email your friends and family... anything to help us introduce new readers to Your Life Is A Trip and showcase your fellow contributors' books.

From November 11-21, 2010, we'll be GIVING AWAY one of our author's books each day. All readers have to do to win is sign up to receive the FREE Your Life is a Trip newsletter, and you're automatically in the random drawing. If you're already a subscriber, great! You could be a winner.

The books are as diverse as our contributors, and they'll whisk you away to the jungle tribes of Papua New Guinea, buying art in a Mexican prison, a journey of self-discovery and into the world of a falconer. Pack the book for holiday travel, sneak a peek and then pass it on to someone you care about, enjoy it in front of a crackling fire or place it on your nightstand before you drift off into dreamtime. We support books, bibliophiles and our Your Life is a Trip authors.

And remember, you can purchase great reads by our members anytime in the TRIP SHOP.
Mark your calendars and join us for the trip...


November 11, 2010: Morning Light by Nancy King

November 12, 2010: Life Is A Trip: The transformative magic of travel by Judith Fein.

November 13, 2010: Digital Storytelling (Second Edition): A Creator’s Guide To Interactive Entertainment by Carolyn Handler Miller

November 14, 2010: Riding the Hulahula to the Arctic Ocean: A Guide to 50 Extraordinary Adventures for the Seasoned Traveler by Don Mankin and Shannon Stowell

November 15, 2010: Powerful Places Guidebooks by Elyn Aviva and Gary White.

November 16, 2010: The Mystery of Journeys Crowne: An Adventure Drawing Game by K. Michael Crawford.

November 17, 2010: Lost Angel Walkabout: One Traveler's Tales by Linda Ballou

November 18, 2010: Falconer on the Edge: A man, his birds, and the vanishing landscape of the American West by Rachel Dickinson

November 19, 2010: Tony Hillerman Landscapes: On the Road with Chee and Leaphorn by Anne Hillerman and Don Strel.

November 20, 2010: Bruar's Rest by Jess Smith

November 21, 2010: Mr. Ding's Chickenfeet: On a Slow Boat from Shanghai to Texas by Gillian Kendall

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