Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lost Angel Walkabout - One Traveler's Tales Book Review by Yvonne Perry

Author: Linda Ballou
ISBN #978-1449971526
Price $14.95
Pages 200
Publisher: Winddancer 2010

Reviewed by Yvonne Perry for Writers in the Sky

With each story I read in Linda Ballou’s book, Lost Angel Walkabout, I thought, “This is the best story in the book.” Then, I would turn the page and find that the next adventure was even more interesting.

I love the way the author weaves accurate and little known native history into each story. This information isn’t what your typical tour guide might spout from a memorized script. This book and its information comes from roughing it in the wilderness in some very remote sites where most of us would not go with a group much less alone, which is Linda’s favorite way to travel. The aloneness is rejuvenating for her as she listens to nature and the spirits that dwell in each mesmerizing place speak to her. As for aloneness, Linda says, “Much is said of the virtues of connecting with local cultures, but in aloneness you can connect with the forces that shaped them.” I agree with her profound wisdom! Read the review at Writers in the Sky,

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