Monday, February 1, 2010

Dolphins with minds of their own

Wai-nani's best friend is a dolphin named Eku. In my research for my historical novel set in pre-contact Hawaii, I learned that these creatures are credited with intelligence that rivals our own. This video dramatically demonstrates thier ability to come up with solutions to problems.


  1. Interesting information on dolphins. Their intelligence is awesome. I love historical novels, the way nonfictional information is woven into the narrative.

  2. I had the most wonderful experience this past September when I got to swim with the dolphins in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was etheral and very spiritual.

  3. Linda, I was spellbound watching the video of the dolphins and their fishing technique. I think many animals are intelligent--we just lack the means to understand them on their level. Since I am now an armchair traveler, I appreciate your website and am glad to have discovered it through the Valentine Blog Chain. I look forward to reading your articles and seeing the world through your pictures and words.--Donna B. Russell,

  4. Linda, this is a great video. Thanks for bringing it to our attention... I think we need to be reminded that there are multiple sources of intelligence in our world!
    Best of luck with your book,
    Karen, Folkheart Press

  5. I'm so jealous of Yvonne (in a good way) that she got to swim with dolphins- that is one of my dreams! I can just imagine how spiritual it would be!

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  6. This is so great to have so much interaction with other writers. I sometimes feel like I am tweeting and blogging to myself and wonder if anyone out there is receiving my messages. I have enjoyed this lovely Valentine gift.