Monday, November 2, 2009

Celeste beside the Place of Refuge on the Big Island

Join Celeste, the dolphin lady, on a swim with wild dolphin. She will take you on a shore swim or boat trip which ever you prefer. Local spotters call in each morning to let her know where the dolphins are jumping that day. She has a very spiritual connection with marine mammals and organizes a “sacred swim” with whales in Tonga each year. You can stay with her in her very comfortable home in Captain Cook, or you can stay at the inexpensive Manago Hotel nearby.

Celeste Eaton

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  1. Aloha Linda. Thank you so much for the post I appreciate it. Hope all is going well with you and I enjoyed sharing time with you, wish we had been able to share the dolphins together. I am on a seminar here in Hawaii this week and we have had more humpback whales this year then I have seen in years, its really a good sign. Dolphins have been very present and active too, especially when the whales are here. Again thank you for promoting me and I like the picture you took. Please feel free to share with others my upcoming Tonga trip in Sept. and read my story about my trip last year 2009 especially the story of the mother whale that has completely changed my life!
    Blessings to you
    Love and Light