Monday, December 17, 2018

Be Free in Your Wildness

Wilderness, The Gateway To The Soul: Spiritual Enlightenment Through WildernessWilderness, The Gateway To The Soul: Spiritual Enlightenment Through Wilderness by Scott Stillman
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Scott Stillman is preaching to the choir in my corner or the world. One of my stories set in Sedona is titled Not Enough Said for Solitude. I have been encouraging people to toss the clicker out the window and breathe deeply of our beautiful world for some time. However, it is refreshing to find this younger voice share the many ways that nature can be our salvation. I believe people are too concerned about being connected and are so harried keeping up of with technology they have lost touch with themselves. I am not able to carry a backpack into remote regions solo, but I do enjoy horseback, riding, river rafting and hiking in our countries varied, majestic landscapes. I thank Scott for taking me into places I can’t go alone and for allowing me to imagine the peace, silence and magic of these wild places. This is a wonderful book that will help you be free in your wildness.
Linda Ballou-Author of Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler’s Tales

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